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Quick Alien Plotting!!

So, sorry for this being last minute, but with everything happening and us waiting on things, I wasn't able to put this into play until now! However, after Sombra's post on the network, Eichi (now the only remaining liaison to the fek) is concerned for the safety of the aliens, as well as the safety of those on board.

He's thinking of suggesting to the fek that they inhabit Bajikan instead of staying with them on the ship.

I didn't want to have him start this without getting input from other players to see if characters would go along with this/actively stop it/wouldn't care. Mods would like to know what's going to happen by the end of the month, so I feel like it's too late to ICly put up a post, but Eichi would tell everyone he runs across if this does happen! I assume the mods want to know because it will change the plot, so I'm sure this affects everyone, and because of that I wanted to check!

So, is anyone against this? Or does anyone want to see if the same can be done for the trilk, maybe? Any input would be appreciated! I'm going to give it about a day before I answer the mods. Thanks!
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Because the age cap proved to be a contentious issue, we pulled together the entire mod team to discuss it and the future of the game.

We heard your concerns about the cap. Some of you have communicated worry that as players of underage characters, you're not welcome in the game. Others are concerned about the possibility of not having castmates. Others have pointed out that experience in the characters' canon can offset a younger age for participation in events.

We discussed these concerns and our own expectations for the game, what we want to accomplish through metaplot modules and events, and where we can compromise. We developed three scenarios and as a player suggested, we are offering you the opportunity to cast your vote. Before we get to that, we do want to address some feedback that was given on the original announcement.
  • We should have had the caps in place before we opened the game. Players who have said this are right. Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to go back and correct our mistakes before they impacted the game. All we can do now is address the issue moving forward. For that we do apologize.

  • We never intended players of characters under 18 to feel unwelcome. We understand why they do at this time, however that was not our intention. Had we not wanted to allow younger characters at all, we would have set the age limit of the game at 18 from the beginning. Our concern is only with the number of underage characters in the game, not that they are there in the first place.

  • We are not trying to single specific groups out and treat them unfairly. Because we cannot foresee everything that might happen with the game, we cannot address all issues prior to their occurrence. We can only try to respond quickly as they arise. We implemented a cast cap when we noticed that one cast was beginning to dominate the game cast. We adjusted the age limit to 13+ when we realized young children might be apped and we were uncomfortable OOCly with that. We implemented a game cap when it became clear that the game was continuing to grow and we were concerned about our ability to keep up with it properly. We implemented the age cap because we had a rise in applications for the age bracket and were concerned about the number of under 18 characters overtaking the number of 18+ characters.

  • We aren't unwilling to discuss problems with the playerbase. We make mod decisions in a sincere attempt to keep the game running smoothly and in line with the vision we have for it. We aren't going to poll the game or open the floor for debate every time we have to make a decision. Nothing would ever get done that way and issues would not be addressed timely. However, when a decision upsets the majority of the playerbase, we absolutely will address it, just as we did with AC.

  • We understand that our delivery in the original announcement was poor and needlessly alarming. Characters under 18 are not barred from all events and plots. They may be barred from certain aspects of events and plots and due to age, may not be chosen for specific missions or for leadership positions. Because this precludes them from participating in all aspects of the game, we felt this constituted a large portion of it. That wording led to misunderstandings and we apologize for that. This is an aspect of that game that has been in place since the beginning and has been dealt with ICly. We have not explicitly stated OOCly that this was the case before now and that was our error. We have been stating it when we have declined applications for characters that we felt would be too limited in what they might be able to do in game, as we don't want players apping in and then not being able to enjoy significant parts of the game. The characters under 18 that we have accepted are those that we felt would be able to get a lot out of the setting even with the limitations.

The following are the three scenarios that we have developed for the game:
SCENARIO 1: We raise the age cap to 30 characters under 18. That would allow for more castmates, less pressure in filling a space, and provide a larger pool of characters under 18. We would also be reminding the playerbase as a whole that teenage characters are welcome in the game. We cannot and will not force anyone to play with anyone else, but we do ask that if there are players who do not want to have CR with a character under the age of 18, those players communicate politely with the other player should they be tagged by a character they don't want to play with. Tagging out should not be an anxiety-producing guessing game. By joining a panfandom game, you are acknowledging that you may have a variety of CR and we expect all players to coexist civilly with one another.

SCENARIO 2: We leave the age cap at 20 characters under 18 and we lower the game cap to 80 characters overall. While this would still allow for more characters 18+ than under 18, it would lower the overall pool of characters and hopefully encourage characters to work together more closely and build CR across all age brackets.

SCENARIO 3: If the playerbase finds an age cap unacceptable in any capacity, then we will close applications, move the game into endgame with an appropriate scenario for the current metaplot, and close it by April 30th.

We will be making three comments with headers labelled Scenario 1, Scenario 2, and Scenario 3. Players are to vote one time by responding under the header with a blank comment. All comments will be screened during voting to encourage players to vote for what they most want. When voting is closed, we will be tallying the votes and unscreening the responses for transparency. Voting will close on Friday, March 24th at 8:00PM EST or after all players have cast their vote, whichever comes first.
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In reviewing the current complement of characters in preparation for our first capped application round, we noticed that we have a significant number of characters present under the age of 18. To be precise, 38% of the game's current cast is in the 14-17 year old age bracket.

While we are not going to be barring teenagers from the game completely, we do want to make sure that we maintain an atmosphere-appropriate balance of significantly more adults to children, as this is a game that has and will be featuring a great deal of mature content. This is especially important with respect to missions and the metaplot, because there are large portions of both that are age restricted to adults only.

Because of the high number of children present, we are implementing a cap on the number of characters under the age of 18 we are accepting to the game. As the game cap is 100 characters, we decided that a cap of 20 characters aged 13-17 is a fair and appropriate ratio. With a full complement, that will mean that 20% of the game is under the age of 18. This will allow us to maintain the mature atmosphere of the game while still allowing players the opportunity to app teenage characters.

Currently, there are 18 characters in this category. This means that we will only be accepting 2 more characters from this age bracket. If only 2 such characters are applied for and accepted, the cap will be reached and applications for characters in this age bracket will not be open again until spaces open up or the game cap is lifted, whichever comes first. If more than 2 characters are applied for and are acceptable, we will choose the 2 we believe are most suitable for the game. (EDITED at 8:33PM EST) If more than 2 characters are applied for, we will process the applications in the order in which we receive them. Once the cap is filled, we will be declining additional applications due to the filled cap.

As of this announcement, the FAQ, Reserves, and Application pages have been updated to reflect this information.
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Life is a Beach

Hey everyone. Gore here with a proposal of a light-hearted nature! Basically, Nekomaru wants to hold a game of beach volleyball sometime before the crew leaves Bajikan. Anyone's free to sign up their characters, and to make threads more interesting - although Nekomaru will ICly discourage it - you can feel free to have your characters try to use plant effects to cheat as they see fit! Basically the log will be a chance for shenanigans and an attempt at team-building, and I'm open to any other suggestions about the plot.

-Who: Sign up your characters in comments with the form below! I'll mostly use randomiser to split people between at least two different teams, although I'll also take IC preferences (who characters want or do not want to be on a team with) into consideration.
-Where: I've been thinking of using the beach of Superbia as the setting, although I'm open to suggestions on this front as well. It could even be on one of the islands!
-When: Loosely about a week from now - around the 23rd - I'll put together the teams and put up a mingle log for i! Teams will mostly be finalized at that point, although depending on the turnout I may be able to let in last minute people.
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+1 oniichan

i don't see any other intro posts here, so i'm hoping this is okay HI ELUVIO. my name is Junebug, and I've got this dumb NEET with me. you've all been treated to Karamatsu's and Ichimatsu's special brand of crazy, but this guy here is the original! the oldest! the guy the series is named after! here's Osomatsu!

for those canonblind, the anime is about these loser sextuplets. they all share the same face, so, by all means, mix him up with his brothers. mistake him for Karamatsu or Ichimatsu, because it's usually the other way around. i look forward to playing with all of you here! and i apologize in advance for any stupid things this guy does. he's... he's an idiot... what is he going to do in space?

my plurk is at [ profile] lovebakery if you want to add, or reach out for plots!
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Sign up for the mission team is now closed. The following characters will be participating in the mission
  • Maes Hughes
  • Thor Odinson
  • Emil
  • Dutch
  • At this time, we ask the players of these characters to decide among yourselves which scenario you would like us to provide you with for this mission: DIPLOMACY or FORCE. Please note that this is not an IC mandate. The crew of the Eluvio will not be asking characters to decide between the two. This is purely an OOC decision we the mods are offering you the players in determining the sort of mission you would like to play out.

    Regardless of which path you choose, here is the information that will remain consistent:
  • Terfezia has secret offices in all districts. Regular NPCs roaming the city and districts will not know where to find him. In order to locate him, the team will have to make inquiries in less reputable establishments in any of the following districts: Luxuria, Avaritia, Ira, and Superbia. Be advised that the team will not be immune to the effects of the districts and that the stipulation for entry in Luxuria will not be waived.
  • Informants in any of the above districts will be able to point the team to Terfezia's current location: an expansive office above a fancy restaurant in Gula.
  • Terfezia will agree to meet with the team when told of their arrival.
  • Due to his wealth and unofficial position of power on the planet, Terfezia is never alone. There are guards and security everywhere, though they may be difficult to spot. Some of them may be concealed among the employees and visitors to the restaurant. Others may be hidden in secret rooms and behind sophisticated cloaking technology.
  • If the fleet is going anywhere, it must have the materials that Terfezia possesses. Lt. James has given the team a list of the needed materials: 25 haradium fuel cells, a transmat drive, and a Coranthian processor.
  • Terfezia will not volunteer to give the materials to the team for nothing. Something of equal value must be traded and because the team will not have any items of equal value, he will give them a series of tasks to carry out.
  • Please discuss among yourselves whether you want the DIPLOMACY or FORCE scenario and respond to this post with your decision by 8:00PM EST Monday, March 6th. (The original mission post said by Sunday, however due to the lateness of our getting this post up, we are extending the due date.)

    Once the decision has been made, we will be responding to this post with the scenario. Once we have done so, you may ask any questions you have about the scenario and use this post to plot. Time is of the essence, because the team's mission begins on March 8th.
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    It's that time of the month: Activity Check! This runs from the 1st to the 5th of every month. All characters are required to respond to the post. All players need to fill out the form provided below! If you do not respond by the 5th, you will be removed from the game!

    ➣ Rules
    We require two proofs in any combination of the following:
  • Ten comments from your character in a single thread on a network post or an IC contact/inbox post
  • Five comments from your character in a single thread in a log post
  • Multiple threads cannot be combined to reach the required number of comments per proof. Which means only two threads will be accepted for monthly activity and they can be in any combination as listed above. All threads must be from posts made during the AC month. In the case of inbox threads, the top level must be dated within the AC month.

    Characters who were accepted during February's application round are only required to check in.

    Players who do not have enough proofs for a character can ask for a strike. Please remember that you are only allowed one strike per character every six consecutive months. If you use a strike, you must pass AC for six consecutive months with that character before you will be eligible for another strike.

    Don't forget to link your comment to the HMD! Participation in the gamewide HMD is mandatory. Failure to participate will result in strike for activity, which will preclude you from using a strike again for six consecutive months.

    Players who idle/do not post to AC or the drop page will be swept from the game and barred from reapping into the game for a month.

    If you have gone on a hiatus, please link your comment from the hiatus page! Remember that only hiatuses lasting 2+ weeks will excuse you from AC.

    Characters dropped this round:

    ➣ Form

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    ➣ The Event
    At 0800 on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, explosions will occur on the Millennium Falcon and the SW-0608. These explosions will completely destroy the ships. No part of either of them will be salvageable. Characters aboard the Eluvio and the other player ships will not hear the explosions, however if characters are by windows they might see them.

    Approximately 15 minutes later, the power will go out across the entire fleet. This means that all ships (the Eluvio and the player ships) will lose power. The lights will go out, the life support systems will fail, the gravity generators will fail, and all automatic doors and lifts will shut down, just to name a few of the inconveniences that characters aboard the ships will fail. If characters are in rooms with automatic doors, they will be trapped there until either power can be restored or the doors can be manually forced open. It will also be dark! In many places, it will be pitch black, though places with windows will have at least some ambient light to see by.

    In the beginning, the communication network will also be down! The characters' communicators may have their own internal power supply, but the network that connects them all will not work until auxiliary power is restored.

    The Eluvio's crew will make getting life support and climate control restored across the entire fleet the priority. It will take them approximately one hour to do so. Once it has been, they will work on other systems.

    By 1300, auxiliary power will be restored. This means that only the following systems will work: life support, climate control, the gravity generators, the water infiltration system, emergency lighting, the communication network, the food preservation system, and the waste management system. Nothing else will work.

    With the navigation system offline, the fleet will be drifting through space on its momentum. Crews will not be able to steer the ships or adjust course. On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, the fleet will enter a star system and while passing by a planet, get pulled into synchronous orbit with it.

    Further details about this planet and the plot scheduled to start March 1st will be forthcoming. For now, characters will have other concerns.

    For the first five hours on February 14th, they will have no light, no gravity, no way to communicate with anyone not physically present in the room with them, and unless they're able to get the doors open, they will be trapped.

    Once auxiliary power is restored, they will only have the basic necessities available to them. Lighting will be poor as only the emergency lights will be working. Without full power, systems will occasionally and temporarily break down!

    It may not be immediately obvious to anyone, but something else besides Fek and Trilk came aboard at Oros and its intentions aren't benevolent.

    ➣ Player Notes
    With the basic systems on the fritz, characters may encounter issues and inconveniences over the course of the next two weeks.

    This means that there might be glitches in the communication network that lead to dropped connections or attempts to reach a character connecting with the wrong recipient. Maybe the gravity will go out in various parts of the ships for a short while. Maybe the lights will go out completely for an hour or two. Maybe a couple characters will get stuck somewhere and have to work together to get free (which could be a good opportunity to build new CR)!

    Feel free to play around with these effects as much as you want. They can be as dire or comical as you'd like!

    Toward the end of February, we will be providing detailed information and sign ups for the next plot.

    Players who were chosen to participate in specific portions of this prelude to next month's event will be hearing from us individually with further information on what their roles are to be.

    We would like to remind those players who are chosen for THE SINGLE SLOT ONLY WILL NEED TO KEEP THEIR PARTICIPATION SECRET!!

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    // CR/Friending meme_

    Welcome to the game! We hope you enjoy yourselves here. This meme will go up with every app cycle and it serves two functions.

    First, it will allow players to introduce themselves to each other and explain a little bit about the characters they're bringing to the game.

    Second, it'll be our CR/Handwaved CR meme. You can discuss how your characters meet, plot things you'd like to do in the future, and whatever else you'd like.

    Handwaved introductions aren't mandatory! You're absolutely welcome to thread these things out via logs or network posts if you'd prefer. We are just offering players a chance to skip over the seemingly endless loop of small talk in Intro Hell and jump right into the thick of things.

    Please fill out the form below, check out other peoples' comments, and have fun with one another!

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    In preparation of our next event, we're asking for volunteers. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION THOROUGHLY BEFORE VOLUNTEERING! Below you will find more information as there are two different aspects to this plot. These will not happen all at once and once sign ups are closed, we will be contacting players/teams via this post. Before we get into this, there are some points to note about this particular plot.
    • Due to the nature of this event, all comments will be screened to preserve the mystery and surprise.

    • By volunteering, you are acknowledging that are aware that this event will affect your character and will be dark. For those signing up or considering signing up: there are elements of this plot that contain material that may be triggering to some people. We're aware that triggery content is a sensitive issue and that you might have questions about what this particular content is before you volunteer. Without giving everything away, we will say that these are topics that can be found contained within the umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (this includes the TV and Netflix shows).


    • Signups will close at 8:00PM EST on Saturday, February 11th.

    • We will not be taking questions about the nature of the event. If you have questions about the mechanics detailed in this post, you're welcome to ask them. But we will not be giving information about the event itself.

    THERE ARE LIMITED SLOTS! Everyone who volunteers will not be chosen. We are not revealing the number of slots in order to preserve the nature of the mystery.

    Please note that secrecy is key! By signing up for the event, you are acknowledging that you understand that revealing the nature of your participation prior to the event is not permitted. Revealing your participation or the nature of it prior to the event conclusion will preclude you from participating in future events of this nature.

    As listed above, if you are sensitive to certain topics or find yourself triggered by content in an RP setting, you may not want to volunteer for this.

    To those that do sign up, know that this will have an effect over your character. If you're not comfortable having unavoidable consequences happen to your character, you may not want to volunteer.

    Once we select the participants, we will be contacting each one individually with details below!

    Characters volunteering for this part will have to do so in teams! We will not be randomly assigning teammates. Characters will have to ICly have a reason to be together in the same location for this event! As such, this is not an ideal opportunity to have characters bump into each other for the first time! There will be 4 teams randomly chosen to participate, which is a total of 8 characters. This means that if more than 4 teams sign up, we will be RNGing for the 4 slots.

    As mentioned above, it's possible that some of the content in this event will be triggering, so if you're sensitive to certain topics, please carefully consider signing up.

    Once chosen, each team will be given a scenario that will contain all information they will need for their part in the event. It will be the team members' responsibility to share it with the game at large. This can be done via network or log post or team members can choose to handwave it and post it to the OOC community for all to see. Regardless of the method, we do expect this information to be shared with the game as a whole, not kept to a team's castmates or close CR.

    It will be up to players to choose how to share this information with the game. If the information is not shared, be aware that not doing so will have consequences down the line.
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    Hello players! It's been about a month since our last State of the Game and with the first mission, a feedback post, about two months of gameplay, and a few changes under our belts, we wanted to touch base with all of you and let you know what's going on. Thanks again for all of your feedback over the course of the game!

    ➣ Questions
    We've been noticing that we're getting an increasing frequency of questions about information that has already been explicitly stated. An example of what we mean is, for instance, asking on the FAQ if it's permissible to app a fandom AU when there's already a section on it that says no, they are not appable. Going forward, in cases where this occurs, we will be referring people back to the source of the answer. We aren't doing this to be rude or unhelpful, but because we're spending time repeating information we've already provided when we could be spending it doing other mod-related tasks.

    To be clear, asking for clarification or further details is welcome and encouraged! Please don't ever hesitate to ask about something if you aren't sure. We're here to answer questions and we never want anyone to be afraid to ask a question! However, we want to make sure everyone's reading the information before asking the questions. We feel this will save both players and mods time if all information provided is read thoroughly.

    ➣ Activity Check
    With everyone in the game having responded to the AC and the poll won (11 people have not yet voted, however those votes would not be enough to change to winner), we are announcing the results. By overwhelming majority, OPTION B, the current policy, has won. This means that going forward, the Activity Requirement is as follows:
    Two proofs in any combination of the following:
    • 10 comments from your character in a single thread on [community profile] eluvio or an IC contact/inbox post.
    • 5 comments from your character in a single thread in a log on [community profile] starlogs.

    Further clarification of Activity rules:
    • All threads must take place on posts made within the Activity Period: the 1st of the month through the last of the month.

    • The Activity Check will occur on the 1st of the following month through the 5th.

    • Players will be able to use one strike per character every six months. This means that if you use a strike, you have to make AC with that character for six consecutive months before using another one. If you fail AC with that character prior to those six months, you will need to reapply the following month.

    • We will not be accepting posts themselves, only threads.

    • New applicants will only be required to check-in at AC during their first month.
    This means that for everyone currently in the game, the current Activity Period is February 1st through February 28th. The game's next AC will run on March 1st through March 5th. You will need to show the required proof of activity on posts made in February. Backtagging on January's posts will not count toward this month's AC. If you take a strike in March for a character, you will not be able to use another strike for that character until the AC held in September.

    We hope that clears up all of the questions about AC! The changes will be reflected on the FAQ today. We appreciate the player input and feedback on this issue! We won't be holding further discussion on this topic unless a major issue arises.

    ➣ Player Locations
    The Player Locations has had a slight redesign in order for easier navigation. However, we would like to remind you that it's there and you are welcome to use the form provided to add locations to the ship! These can be ships your character brings into the game that are large enough to live on (small craft are not required to be placed on the page), businesses that your character has started or those you as a player made up for the sake of plots, the place of employment your character was given at application if you'd like that to feature more prominently in the game, or any other locations in the fleet (or when applicable, on planets, space stations, etc.) that you would like to have a record of in the game.

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    // ACTIVITY_


    Due to all of the confusion surrounding the game's AC, we want your input to help streamline the process and make it easier for everyone going forward.

    Before we begin, we're waving the rules for January's AC. Thank you to everyone who has replied already with proof! All we are asking is that anyone who has yet to reply, do so still by the 5th with proof (if you have it) or the intention to stay. However, if you have not replied by the end of the period, we will be sweeping those characters from the game. Those who have already replied are fine and do not need to do anything further.

    In order to make things easier for players and mods alike to remember, we're committed to keeping the dates for the Activity Period and the Activity Check as consistent as possible. For this reason, we want to avoid having any critical dates occur at the end of the month, since each month has a different number of days.

    This means that the Activity Period will always be from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. All activity must take place during that time on posts and threads starting within the Activity Period.

    The Activity Check will always run from the 1st through the 5th of the following month. This will always be the same so that players will always know when AC is due.

    We're aware that there were concerns that our original AC was too strict. For the sake of transparency, the reason we adopted a stricter approach is because we're trying to avoid instituting a system that allows for and encourages character squatting, which we have a very firm no tolerance attitude toward.

    Regardless of the option chosen, we are still going to require that the AC links submitted will have to be in posts dated within the Activity Period. This isn't being done to discourage backtagging or to force any of our players to rush! This is done because we would like to keep the game moving and active. All players are absolutely free to backtag and we definitely encourage each and every one of you to finish your threads at your own pace! However to make things a little easier on us, especially since the game does appear to be growing, keeping two AC links within the AC period is what we're going to do.

    However, we want our AC to be fair, simple to understand, and attainable without undue stress! To that end, we've come up with two options that we'd like you to choose from.
    OPTION A: Two threads of 5 comments each by your character. These threads can come from network posts, log posts, or IC contact posts. There would be no strikes under this policy. Failure to make AC under this policy would require you to reapply the following month.

    OPTION B: The current policy of some combination of two threads comprised of 5 log comments or 10 network/IC contact post comments. Under this policy, if you failed to make AC you would be able to take a strike for that Activity Period. There would be no double AC requirement to meet the following month. However, the caveat here is that you would only have 1 strike per character every six months. So if you took a strike for Character A, you would have to pass six ACs before you could take another strike for Character A.

    To vote, please respond with a blank comment HERE for OPTION A or HERE for OPTION B. To make a blank comment, just put < which is the less-than sign!

    Please only one vote per player. Also, please do not have any discussion on this post so we can keep this strictly to voting only! If you have anything further to comment on, please do so HERE! Thank you for your patience while we work on making things more suitable and accessible for everyone!

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    With our first event concluded, we'd like to hear from you about what you thought! There are two components to this feedback post.

    ➣ Mod Feedback

    First, we would like you to tell us, the mods, what you thought of the way the event was run. What worked? What didn't? What did you like? What didn't you like?

    Through watching the game communities and some player feedback, we've identified three areas that seemed to cause some issues and would like to hear any thoughts you might have on both of them.
    PACING: Because this was the game's first plot event and we acknowledge the slower pace of DWRP these days, we thought allowing the playerbase a month to work through the mission would allow plenty of time to thread, explore the setting, and complete logs without a significant amount of backtagging that might slow things down. However, we noticed that approach didn't seem to turn out to be as helpful as we thought it would. So we would like to hear your thoughts on how to achieve a good balance of time to thread versus not slowing the game down to a crawl.

    Currently, we're considering providing less OOC time to complete events and missions in the hope of encouraging things to move along more quickly.

    PARTICIPATION: When slots are limited, it's important that the players who sign up to take part in missions or events participate. This means actively playing with the group you sign up for and participating in logs, posts, or OOC communication. To encourage players not to squat on slots, we have a penalty system in place. Currently, if a player signs up for something that's plot important or has limited slots and then doesn't participate, that player will be ineligible to sign up their character(s) for the next two missions.

    If there are other ways you believe might encourage participation or discourage signing up for a spot and then not participating, please let us know.

    MOD GUIDANCE: We've been made aware that some players are struggling with the level of freedom provided to build the game environment along with us. Player contribution to the setting and the environment as a whole is a vital part of the collaborative game experience we want Eluvio to be. We want you to feel comfortable creating the details inside the framework we provide.

    How can we help you achieve that level of comfort? We can't restrict player freedom too drastically or we run the risk of micromanaging everything you do and that's something we expressly want to avoid. We do intend to provide a little more structure to the next plot than what was provided for the Oros Mission and we're always available to answer questions about what characters can do in a particular setting or during a plot. But if there are other things you think would help, we want to know.
    Aside from those three points, please let us know if there are any other areas that we need to take into consideration. In order to avoid repeating the same responses, we may not be responding to every comment, however we will be reading them.

    ➣ Player Feedback

    The second component of this post is to give you, players, the opportunity to discuss your experience with the event. Our hope is that having a venue for open, honest communication with one another will help alleviate frustrations and enable things run more smoothly going forward.

    We ask that you please keep things civil and respectful. Discussing frustrations is welcome and encouraged. Insulting one another is not.