Mar. 29th, 2017

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So, sorry for this being last minute, but with everything happening and us waiting on things, I wasn't able to put this into play until now! However, after Sombra's post on the network, Eichi (now the only remaining liaison to the fek) is concerned for the safety of the aliens, as well as the safety of those on board.

He's thinking of suggesting to the fek that they inhabit Bajikan instead of staying with them on the ship.

I didn't want to have him start this without getting input from other players to see if characters would go along with this/actively stop it/wouldn't care. Mods would like to know what's going to happen by the end of the month, so I feel like it's too late to ICly put up a post, but Eichi would tell everyone he runs across if this does happen! I assume the mods want to know because it will change the plot, so I'm sure this affects everyone, and because of that I wanted to check!

So, is anyone against this? Or does anyone want to see if the same can be done for the trilk, maybe? Any input would be appreciated! I'm going to give it about a day before I answer the mods. Thanks!