Mar. 1st, 2017

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It's that time of the month: Activity Check! This runs from the 1st to the 5th of every month. All characters are required to respond to the post. All players need to fill out the form provided below! If you do not respond by the 5th, you will be removed from the game!

➣ Rules
We require two proofs in any combination of the following:
  • Ten comments from your character in a single thread on a network post or an IC contact/inbox post
  • Five comments from your character in a single thread in a log post
  • Multiple threads cannot be combined to reach the required number of comments per proof. Which means only two threads will be accepted for monthly activity and they can be in any combination as listed above. All threads must be from posts made during the AC month. In the case of inbox threads, the top level must be dated within the AC month.

    Characters who were accepted during February's application round are only required to check in.

    Players who do not have enough proofs for a character can ask for a strike. Please remember that you are only allowed one strike per character every six consecutive months. If you use a strike, you must pass AC for six consecutive months with that character before you will be eligible for another strike.

    Don't forget to link your comment to the HMD! Participation in the gamewide HMD is mandatory. Failure to participate will result in strike for activity, which will preclude you from using a strike again for six consecutive months.

    Players who idle/do not post to AC or the drop page will be swept from the game and barred from reapping into the game for a month.

    If you have gone on a hiatus, please link your comment from the hiatus page! Remember that only hiatuses lasting 2+ weeks will excuse you from AC.

    Characters dropped this round:

    ➣ Form