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Sign up for the mission team is now closed. The following characters will be participating in the mission
  • Maes Hughes
  • Thor Odinson
  • Emil
  • Dutch
  • At this time, we ask the players of these characters to decide among yourselves which scenario you would like us to provide you with for this mission: DIPLOMACY or FORCE. Please note that this is not an IC mandate. The crew of the Eluvio will not be asking characters to decide between the two. This is purely an OOC decision we the mods are offering you the players in determining the sort of mission you would like to play out.

    Regardless of which path you choose, here is the information that will remain consistent:
  • Terfezia has secret offices in all districts. Regular NPCs roaming the city and districts will not know where to find him. In order to locate him, the team will have to make inquiries in less reputable establishments in any of the following districts: Luxuria, Avaritia, Ira, and Superbia. Be advised that the team will not be immune to the effects of the districts and that the stipulation for entry in Luxuria will not be waived.
  • Informants in any of the above districts will be able to point the team to Terfezia's current location: an expansive office above a fancy restaurant in Gula.
  • Terfezia will agree to meet with the team when told of their arrival.
  • Due to his wealth and unofficial position of power on the planet, Terfezia is never alone. There are guards and security everywhere, though they may be difficult to spot. Some of them may be concealed among the employees and visitors to the restaurant. Others may be hidden in secret rooms and behind sophisticated cloaking technology.
  • If the fleet is going anywhere, it must have the materials that Terfezia possesses. Lt. James has given the team a list of the needed materials: 25 haradium fuel cells, a transmat drive, and a Coranthian processor.
  • Terfezia will not volunteer to give the materials to the team for nothing. Something of equal value must be traded and because the team will not have any items of equal value, he will give them a series of tasks to carry out.
  • Please discuss among yourselves whether you want the DIPLOMACY or FORCE scenario and respond to this post with your decision by 8:00PM EST Monday, March 6th. (The original mission post said by Sunday, however due to the lateness of our getting this post up, we are extending the due date.)

    Once the decision has been made, we will be responding to this post with the scenario. Once we have done so, you may ask any questions you have about the scenario and use this post to plot. Time is of the essence, because the team's mission begins on March 8th.
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    Hi mods! We've talked it over and have chosen the DIPLOMACY scenario (though some characters are inclined to drop diplomacy for force if/when it turns out diplomacy isn't working). We're excited!
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    [personal profile] avicula 2017-03-17 02:51 pm (UTC)(link)
    Hi mods! We're not sure if we should be checking back in, but figure it can't hurt, so HERE is a log with some mission shenanigans and a rough summary of what goes down when. We hope this helps you in determining how to proceed regarding the plot and the fleet!
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    Would a secret be accepted if it's something that's kinda known, but only by castmates who aren't in the game?
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    [personal profile] polaroid_papa 2017-03-08 01:42 am (UTC)(link)
    Ditto this question.
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    [personal profile] avicula 2017-03-07 08:40 pm (UTC)(link)
    How would Lepiota react if one of the characters suggested sharing the secret in private instead of in front of the team? I'm assuming it'll be a no, but it'd be IC for Dutch to ask so I'd love to know what reaction to expect.
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    I'm putting this question here since it's the most recent event post.

    As liaisons for the fek, Eichi and Victor at least (and probably Yuuri too but I haven't gotten a reply from the mun yet) are noticing the sudden aggression towards the fek and want to play the part of their job and find a solution. So, they're thinking that both for the safety and mindset of those on board and of the fek that they could bring all of the fek to inhabit this planet they're currently stopped at. They've already been able to go down to it and have an island as well, so I think they'd prefer adapting than getting killed off.

    Would we be able to alter the plot in that way, or is there something that would stop them from this?
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