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+1 oniichan

i don't see any other intro posts here, so i'm hoping this is okay HI ELUVIO. my name is Junebug, and I've got this dumb NEET with me. you've all been treated to Karamatsu's and Ichimatsu's special brand of crazy, but this guy here is the original! the oldest! the guy the series is named after! here's Osomatsu!

for those canonblind, the anime is about these loser sextuplets. they all share the same face, so, by all means, mix him up with his brothers. mistake him for Karamatsu or Ichimatsu, because it's usually the other way around. i look forward to playing with all of you here! and i apologize in advance for any stupid things this guy does. he's... he's an idiot... what is he going to do in space?

my plurk is at [ profile] lovebakery if you want to add, or reach out for plots!
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way to break the game's ooc intro virginity

BUT NO thank you and welcome to the game i cant believe im going to have a third neet to befriend

hello i am gaa i play reaper from overwatch and he's already picked up oso's two brothers
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and then i realise late that I've actually played with you before in little hades, dyin
i was gaius there, I'm so glad to have you in a game w/me again

all you really need to know is that he's a tryhard edgelord and a shitty ghost who gets along with ichimatsu. that much should be telling.
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People usually introduce themselves on the CR meme is why! I don't think there are any explicit rules against posting intros here though? Come to think of it now I'm surprised we've never had any before now.

Anyway, I'm Sean and I play a weird telepathic shapeshifting centaur alien with a sword tail, welcome to the game!
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heeeeello hi! i think this is the first app round where the line "feel free to include yourself in the ooc comm" is included in the acceptance note so LET'S BREAK IN THIS COMM aw yeah

welcome to the game i know nothing about this canon but i am excited for more muppets oh my (and just added you on plurk, hi!) oh and i'm tona and play too many people here
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hehhh yes that is happening right now waggles eyebrows but she's also getting drunk with ichimatsu so i would be happy to collect all available brothers for cr, please come to me.
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well he's still going to be a virgin by the time she's done with him so....... no worries there

it's absolutely okay! i'd say it's even very much encouraged. i have open logs for all but one of my characters, but dorothy's is here and if you'd like to do something other than drinking/eating, lmk :>
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that could be fun! I don't have any strong ideas about what dorothy would be doing there, other than that she'd go into the district to collect plants for medicinal purposes, so i'm open to anything there! if you'd set up a starter, that would be great :D maybe she can mistake him for one of his brothers heh
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Hello! It's great to meet you. I'm Brandy and this is Wash from Red vs Blue. I've tagged the other Matsunos and would love to get some cr with you! (I'm sending a plurk add!)
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aw yis more neets!! excited about this. so yes, welcome to the game!! i'm amanda and have too many here and am looking forward to seeing him around. gonna slide on over to plurk to add 8)
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ew it's niichan.........