relieable: (oh what a lucky man he was)
松野おそ松 || Matsuno Osomatsu ([personal profile] relieable) wrote in [community profile] spaceports2017-03-08 09:26 pm

+1 oniichan

i don't see any other intro posts here, so i'm hoping this is okay HI ELUVIO. my name is Junebug, and I've got this dumb NEET with me. you've all been treated to Karamatsu's and Ichimatsu's special brand of crazy, but this guy here is the original! the oldest! the guy the series is named after! here's Osomatsu!

for those canonblind, the anime is about these loser sextuplets. they all share the same face, so, by all means, mix him up with his brothers. mistake him for Karamatsu or Ichimatsu, because it's usually the other way around. i look forward to playing with all of you here! and i apologize in advance for any stupid things this guy does. he's... he's an idiot... what is he going to do in space?

my plurk is at [ profile] lovebakery if you want to add, or reach out for plots!

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