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➣ Unexpected Consequences

As the Eluvio's crew prepares to send a retrieval ship down to pick up Alpha and Beta teams, disturbing reports of thermonuclear explosives detonating on the planet's surface start coming in to the command center. Scans show multiple detonations across the face of the planet and more happening every minute. The identity of those responsible for the initial warhead launches is indeterminable from the information the crew's able to compile, but one thing is certain: the deactivation of the defense grid by Beta team made it possible.

It's a race against time to get the teams back before nuclear fallout reaches them, but when the ship touches down at the LZ, another wrench in the works is discovered. Groups of frightened Trilk and Fek, conflict forgotten in the face of extinction, are futilely attempting to flee unavoidable death.

Captain Larson sends out a call for all available pilots willing to brave the falling bombs to head to the surface and evacuate as many of the Trilk and Fek as possible. There's no way to save them all, but the least the crew can do is try to save some of them.

➣ OOC Details and Information

Regardless of whether they participated in the any of the missions, all characters are now able to travel to the planet's surface to round up Trilk and Fek and evacuate them back to the Eluvio. Characters capable of flying spacecraft will be able to fly the Eluvio's cargo ships and those who can't are welcome to accompany the ships to help the evacuation effort. Please note that only pilots and characters with experience flying spacecraft will be permitted to fly the cargo ships. There isn't any time to teach the skills to characters that don't already possess them.

There are 20 cargo ships. Each cargo ship can hold 1 pilot, 2 non-pilot crew members, and 5 Trilk or Fek. This means that the maximum number of aliens that can be rescued is 100.

When Alpha and Beta teams arrive the LZ, there will be Eluvio personnel on hand to explain the situation. These characters will then be able to individually decide to either return to the ship or help with the evacuation.

The evacuation efforts will last from February 1st through February 4th. After that point, all ships and characters will be recalled to the Eluvio whether they have the full 100 or not. The Eluvio will then set a course away from Oros, leaving it and the remainder of its inhabitants to their unfortunate end.

Player participation will determine how many, if any, of the Fek and Trilk are rescued. Remember that the maximum number will be 100.

Once the alien refugees are brought aboard the ship, they will need to be integrated into life aboard the ship. Luckily for both the aliens and the Eluvio crew, there are some "experts" on hand to help the transition.
TRILK - One of the potential groups of Trilk refugees will be the individuals Gamma Team 4 encountered. If rescued, the Trilk will manage to convey to the Eluvio crew that they want those team members to serve as their liaisons for adapting to life in the fleet. This means that Allura, James Kirk, Leia Organa, Hera, and Leonard McCoy will be designated the resident Trilk experts.

FEK - One of the potential groups of Fek refugees will be the individuals that Gamma Team 5 encountered. Because they are at least a little familiar with those team members, these Fek will convey to the Eluvio crew that they want them to serve as their liaisons for adapting to life in the fleet. This means that Eichi Tenshouin, Yuuri Katsuki, and Victor Nikiforov will be designated the resident Fek experts.

LIAISONS - Liaisons will be asked to help with all things related to their alien of choice, whether that's mediating disputes between the still hostile groups, teaching them (and learning themselves) how to communicate with everyone, or helping them set up quarters and use the Eluvio's technology. Thanks to everyone's collective ventures on the planet, the R&D Department will have compiled a mostly good codex of the Trilk and Fek languages. This decoding and language dictionary will be uploaded immediately to all character devices on February 4th!
Please feel free to NPC the Trilk and Fek as you desire. If you want to use them for a plot device, go ahead. If you want to have your character help one set up a jewelry shop and be best friends, that's absolutely allowed. If they become too unruly and need to be thrown out of the airlock, well, these things do happen!

The surviving Fek and Trilk are assumed to be the last of their kind. For the time being, please assume that they're going to be a permanent part of the fleet.

IF YOUR CHARACTER IS GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN THE EVACUATIONS please comment HERE with the name of the character(s) involved (groups no larger than three), the type of alien rescued (Fek, Trilk, or a combination) and the number of each. Please remember that a cargo ship can only hold five of the aliens at a time due to their size. Characters can make multiple trips, though the combined number of Fek and Trilk refugees cannot exceed 100. Because of this, please don't claim that your character or your character's group saved all 100. Everyone who wants to participate will be able to do so and will be given credit ICly for it.

But that's not all! The ripple effects from the Oros Mission will be felt for considerable time to come. For instance:
Lee Adama and Agent Carolina will be awarded medals of commendation for their leadership in the field. These medals are made of an unknown substance and shaped like a sixteen-point star. (Just a little FYI, you guys might want to hang onto them.) They'll also be given free passes to the day spa to get some much needed R&R.

Dorian Pavus will be offered a position with the Research Department, where he'll be tasked to learn more about the samples Gamma Team 3 brought back to the Eluvio. He'll be trained to use all available technology. Once proficient, he'll be asked to create video and holographic models of Oros using the video that Team 3 took.

Reim Lunettes will be recognized for his quick thinking during Gamma Team 2's mission and will also be awarded a position with the Research Department. He'll be asked to create models and maps of the area in which the team buried the Beeping Device.

Koumyou will, upon arrival back to the ship, find one of those weird mutant rats that Gamma Team 2 had a run in with in his quarters.

Sombra will find a holographic puzzle box sitting on her bed when she returns to her quarters. It will be extraordinarily difficult to solve even for her talents. When she does manage to get it open, she will find the first of a series of clues. (When Sombra gets the puzzle box open, please PM us so that we can provide you with the first clue.) There's a mystery afoot that, once unraveled, will begin to shed a tiny bit of light on what's really going on aboard the ISC Eluvio.
➣ And coming soon...

The events of the Oros Mission have set off a string of events that will steer us through our first plot module. The next installment will begin in March. Keep an eye on the OOC comm for further details as February draws to a close.

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