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➣ Welcome!
First off, we'd like to extend a great big thank you to everyone who's apped into the game! We hope you have a lot of fun here and we're striving to make this a great place to play. So please don't ever hesitate to give us feedback about events or the way things are going.

The game will officially start on December 11th. There won't be any mod posted logs, so you're free to start posting to the network and log communities any time on the 11th.

In the interest of making sure that no one misses anything due to holiday obligations, we're going to hold off on getting into the meat of first plot module until January. Until then, we encourage players to build CR, explore the ship, and most importantly, have fun with the setting.

Exploration-oriented characters will discover that there are some sections of the ship they won't be able to access. At this time, characters are prohibited from entering the command center on the control and navigational deck and engineering. Entry points to these locations will be blocked by doors that require access codes, retinal scans, and voice identification. Attempting to hack, breakdown, or otherwise get through them will be met with failure.

Characters may hear overhear crewmen talking about "getting ready for the job." They'll hush up immediately when they realize they're being overheard and direct inquiries will result in variations of "the captain'll brief you when it's time." Owners of restaurants and textile shops might seem in higher spirits than usual as the end of the month approaches.

We encourage you to ask questions about the setting. If something seems fishy or a little too convenient to your characters, investigate. Chances are, it might lead them to interesting places. OOCly, you can drop us a comment here if your character's going to go poking around anywhere and you'd like to know what they'll find.

You're welcome to use this as a plotting post for general shenanigans or to work out specific things for the upcoming party.

Regarding applications - We've been approving applications received since 8:00PM last night so that as many people as possible will be present for game start. We will be processing any applications that we receive tonight and tomorrow as we get them as well. Starting Monday, December 12, we'll begin doing app processing every Friday after 8:00PM EST until apps close. So if you notice a few people trickling in, that's why!

➣ Walking in my winter underwear
Because even in space, everyone needs a little holiday cheer!

On the evening of December 24th, the atrium will be transformed into a Winter Wonderland. Throughout the day it will be closed to visitors while the workers of Eluvio decorate and get everything ready to be enjoyed. Though this will ICly be happening on December 24th, we will be posting a party log on December 16th. The standard party fare will be available with loads of food, dancing, games, ugly sweater contests, and snow! It's a classified secret how they got that in, best not to ask.

That evening, once everyone has retired to their bunks, visions of sugar plums will dance in their heads (literally or figuratively, it's your choice). Everyone in the fleet will be visited that evening by unknown persons and upon waking may find a gift or two in their quarters. If you would like your character to receive a gift, please sign up (by responding to the appropriate comment below) by December 14th so we can respond before the log goes up!

➣ Planning Ahead

In January, we're going to be offering sign-ups for a special plot. The number of slots available for this will depend on how many characters are in the game. We're mentioning it now because we would like you to start thinking about whether you'd like to participate or not.

This plot will be a long one, spanning months instead of weeks, and will require secrecy on the part of the players involved. Think of it kind of like a murdergame, where some players are playing victims, others are playing killers, and nobody's OOCly or ICly telling each other which they are.

We'll provide further details about the plot and what it will entail in January.
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Okay, so for starters: should I use the player plot page to submit a request for characters investigating what it takes to get an ice skating rink here.

... I... I'm so sorry that this is a serious question, mods.
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Wonderful, I'll head over that way!
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Ah — mostly as I'm sitting here thinking about it, but is there an IC calendar that's being followed? As in is this actually December ICly, too, or is it just an arbitrary "we felt like having a Winter Wonderland, you're welcome" event picked out by the higher ups on ship?
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That is so sweet, can suggestions be put forward to the captain for sol-system based holidays? (Mostly kidding.) Is this something that in asking around the characters could/would learn?
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hello, mods! this is so unrelated to the plot or anything but idk how else to contact you re: this. i was wondering if miyuki's tag on the network can be deleted... i tried putting her canon: name on it but the canon title is way too long (it came out as "the irregular at magic high school: miyu") so... i just opted for the shorter name it goes by skgffh

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Signing up Hayatori!
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signing maine up even if he just deserves coal
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Victor doesn't even celebrate Christmas and it's actually his birthday so please, give him something to ??? at!
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Throwing Wash in for this please!
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give him something embarrassing pls
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just the clarify, the cow costume if for Crow and not his Tribble, right?
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Let's do this. It's time for a Zen Christmas, clearly.
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Plz give Marco something awful.
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Yes please!
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Sam please!


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Places Tigress on here plaese : )
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signing up Jamie!