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Due to all of the confusion surrounding the game's AC, we want your input to help streamline the process and make it easier for everyone going forward.

Before we begin, we're waving the rules for January's AC. Thank you to everyone who has replied already with proof! All we are asking is that anyone who has yet to reply, do so still by the 5th with proof (if you have it) or the intention to stay. However, if you have not replied by the end of the period, we will be sweeping those characters from the game. Those who have already replied are fine and do not need to do anything further.

In order to make things easier for players and mods alike to remember, we're committed to keeping the dates for the Activity Period and the Activity Check as consistent as possible. For this reason, we want to avoid having any critical dates occur at the end of the month, since each month has a different number of days.

This means that the Activity Period will always be from the 1st of the month to the last day of the month. All activity must take place during that time on posts and threads starting within the Activity Period.

The Activity Check will always run from the 1st through the 5th of the following month. This will always be the same so that players will always know when AC is due.

We're aware that there were concerns that our original AC was too strict. For the sake of transparency, the reason we adopted a stricter approach is because we're trying to avoid instituting a system that allows for and encourages character squatting, which we have a very firm no tolerance attitude toward.

Regardless of the option chosen, we are still going to require that the AC links submitted will have to be in posts dated within the Activity Period. This isn't being done to discourage backtagging or to force any of our players to rush! This is done because we would like to keep the game moving and active. All players are absolutely free to backtag and we definitely encourage each and every one of you to finish your threads at your own pace! However to make things a little easier on us, especially since the game does appear to be growing, keeping two AC links within the AC period is what we're going to do.

However, we want our AC to be fair, simple to understand, and attainable without undue stress! To that end, we've come up with two options that we'd like you to choose from.
OPTION A: Two threads of 5 comments each by your character. These threads can come from network posts, log posts, or IC contact posts. There would be no strikes under this policy. Failure to make AC under this policy would require you to reapply the following month.

OPTION B: The current policy of some combination of two threads comprised of 5 log comments or 10 network/IC contact post comments. Under this policy, if you failed to make AC you would be able to take a strike for that Activity Period. There would be no double AC requirement to meet the following month. However, the caveat here is that you would only have 1 strike per character every six months. So if you took a strike for Character A, you would have to pass six ACs before you could take another strike for Character A.

To vote, please respond with a blank comment HERE for OPTION A or HERE for OPTION B. To make a blank comment, just put < which is the less-than sign!

Please only one vote per player. Also, please do not have any discussion on this post so we can keep this strictly to voting only! If you have anything further to comment on, please do so HERE! Thank you for your patience while we work on making things more suitable and accessible for everyone!

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count me in for this one, i think it'd get people tagging out more instead of sticking to inboxing. i like the strike policy as well, as it's worked pretty well for other games i've been in. and it's still easy ac, so no one can complain. THUMBS UP
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