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It was brought to our attention that the AC failure/reapp part of our AC policy didn't make any sense and after discussing it, we agreed. So we made an adjustment and would like to explain and clarify what's going on. We also want to clarify what counts as the AC period, as there's some confusion over that as well.

The AC period is January 1st through January 31st. All proofs must take place in January. Comments made in February will not count toward January's AC.

➣ For January's AC period only

If you don't have the required AC and you want to remain in the game, comment to the AC CHECK POST and fill out the form. Where you would link your proofs, just state that you don't have the proofs and that you will reapply for the character when applications open in February. The application period for February is February 4th through February 7th. Resubmit the application for the character during the app round.

Your character's journal will remain in the communities through the application period. IF YOU FAIL TO RESUBMIT THE APPLICATION, your character will be considered dropped and will be swept from the game and the communities.

➣ For future AC periods

If you don't have the required AC, your character will be swept from the game. You will be able to reapply for that character during the following month's application round, provided that the character is still available to be apped. Please be aware that once a character is dropped it is considered up for grabs by anyone who would like to apply. If someone reserves before you, you are welcome to challenge, but simply playing the character in the game previously does not guarantee your app will win the challenge.

So for example, you fail February's AC (which is held March 1st through the 5th). Your character will be swept from the game. You may then reapply in April. If someone else submits a reserve for that character in April before you get to do it, you can reserve and declare your intent to challenge. However, both applications will be reviewed equally. Yours will not be given preference just because you played the character last month. By that same token, yours will not be placed at a disadvantage just because you didn't pass AC.

We hope this clarifies things for everyone! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. The FAQ has also been updated to reflect all of this.

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