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Hello, players! In light of the Alpha and Beta teams reporting in that they'll be reaching the LZ for extraction on January 31st, we're going to be moving up the mission timetable accordingly.

The bulk of the Oros mission will now be ending on January 31st.

This means that all Gamma team operations must be ICly completed by January 31st. OOCly, you're of course welcome to backtag your logs for as long as you'd like.

Three of the five Gamma teams have reported back with their mission results. Therefore, we ask that teams ONE (THERE'S NO SENSE IN GETTING KILLED BY A PLANT) and TWO (GREED CAN BE A VERY POWERFUL ALLY) report in with their results by midnight EST on Tuesday, January 31st.

On Wednesday, February 1st, we will be putting up the mission aftermath information. Please be advised that the outcome of this mission will have lasting effects for both the crew and the civilians of the fleet. Whether your character participated in any of the missions or not, it'll be a good idea to read what happens.

Also on February 1st, we're going to be putting up an after-event feedback post. This will be an opportunity for you as players to give us the mods feedback on the mission and how it was run. We'll also be asking for your thoughts on some ideas we have for addressing problem areas we noticed crop up during the course of the event. In addition to providing feedback to the mods, we'll also be asking you to give feedback to your fellow players. We've been made aware of some issues that arose and we'd like to offer you an outlet for discussing among yourselves how to handle such issues going forward so that future missions and events progress more smoothly.

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