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Today at 1315 standard time, the following announcement will be played over the ship's comms system:

Attention, crew and civilians. This is Captain Larson. We will be engaging the hyperdrive at 1330 today. Hangar bays will be closed for the next seven days while we travel through hyperspace and will reopen when we return to sublight speed. Thank you for your attention.

That will be the extent of the message. No further information from the captain or any of the crewmen will be forthcoming about where the ship's going. Characters will not be able to access to navigational decks to speak with the captain or the commanding officers of the crew. Rank and file crew members seen around the ship will not have information to share. Civilians will know nothing, but will not be concerned and will treat the announcement as an ordinary part of life on the ship.

We hope you've enjoyed your downtime of peace and prosperity.