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➣ Update!
By now, everybody who signed up should have gotten their gifts!

Just a few notes:
  • If your character got instructions with their gift, it might be good to follow them. Maybe. (Just sayin'.)
  • The tribbles are sterile. Never fear, crew. There won't be an infestation at this time.
The holiday party log will be going up on Friday as scheduled. We look forward to seeing everyone there!

And thanks again to everyone for making the start of the game a success!
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Is there somebody on the ship who is ICly responsible for these gifts bc Ax will want to challenge them to an honor duel over this (amazing) grievous insult

once he realizes what it is anyway
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Laughs, in asking around to learn what in the world the tribbles are, can any information be gleaned? End of month goals ig.
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Eerie, surprise pets that no one has ever seen before...!

Would anyone (a vet, a feed store owner, some random crew with a love for xenobiology) be able to give Victor a rough idea of health and/or guesstimate on feeding needs? He doesn't want it to... starve................. weird alien hamster that it may actually be!

... Though I personally don't need to know what a tribble eats, sobs, I'm sorry TAKES CUTE GIFT, ASKS DUMB QUESTIONS
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Perfect, thank you!