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Effectively immediately: we are turning off anonymous commenting on the mod journal and will be deleting further comments about the age cap issue we receive that do not come from our playerbase. Comments from logged in accounts that contain harassing, insulting, or threatening language will be deleted without response.

Disagreement with changes or decisions the mod team makes is completely acceptable. Civil discussions about these disagreements are acceptable and welcome! Since the inception of this game, we have tried to make this clear and make ourselves available to our players. Openly harassing the mod team via spam, offensive language, and inappropriate comments is not acceptable. We would never tolerate a player behaving this way toward another player in the game and we will not tolerate it being directed at us.

The mod inbox this morning was full of a mixture of civil comments expressing frustrations and concerns and a large number of PMs and anon comments that were not civil at all. When we began addressing some concerns, more flooded in and not all of them were appropriate or civil either. That is unacceptable.

We created this game in the hope that some people might find it enjoyable. We knew that we would not always please everyone with our decisions, our plots, or some of the game's policies, but we wanted to be as fair in the application of them as possible. Moreover, we wanted to create a positive, comfortable environment for our players.

The decision to cap the age bracket was ours. No player at any time complained about the number of younger characters in the game. No player asked us to cap it. We stated our reasons for doing it in the announcement. We have continued to state our reasons in subsequent statements. No one in the playerbase had anything to do with this process. For the mod team, it has been disturbing to learn that the playerbase turned on itself for the decisions that we have made and clearly stated originated with us. Harassing, insulting, or bullying players is unacceptable in any capacity and even more egregious when it's done in response to our decisions and actions.

Being upset with us for our decisions is understandable and acceptable. Sending derogatory insults or speaking to us in ways that would get a player removed from the game if they spoke to another player in that manner is not. Like we expect our players to respect one another, we would appreciate that back even in the time of a mod decision that you may not agree with.

As of this announcement, we intend to see the vote through to its completion. However, if we continue to receive harassing, threatening, or inflammatory messages, or we learn that our players continue to be subjected to this behavior (and please understand we are not telling anyone to not voice their concerns, only to keep it civil), we will close the game without further discussion.