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In reviewing the current complement of characters in preparation for our first capped application round, we noticed that we have a significant number of characters present under the age of 18. To be precise, 38% of the game's current cast is in the 14-17 year old age bracket.

While we are not going to be barring teenagers from the game completely, we do want to make sure that we maintain an atmosphere-appropriate balance of significantly more adults to children, as this is a game that has and will be featuring a great deal of mature content. This is especially important with respect to missions and the metaplot, because there are large portions of both that are age restricted to adults only.

Because of the high number of children present, we are implementing a cap on the number of characters under the age of 18 we are accepting to the game. As the game cap is 100 characters, we decided that a cap of 20 characters aged 13-17 is a fair and appropriate ratio. With a full complement, that will mean that 20% of the game is under the age of 18. This will allow us to maintain the mature atmosphere of the game while still allowing players the opportunity to app teenage characters.

Currently, there are 18 characters in this category. This means that we will only be accepting 2 more characters from this age bracket. If only 2 such characters are applied for and accepted, the cap will be reached and applications for characters in this age bracket will not be open again until spaces open up or the game cap is lifted, whichever comes first. If more than 2 characters are applied for and are acceptable, we will choose the 2 we believe are most suitable for the game. (EDITED at 8:33PM EST) If more than 2 characters are applied for, we will process the applications in the order in which we receive them. Once the cap is filled, we will be declining additional applications due to the filled cap.

As of this announcement, the FAQ, Reserves, and Application pages have been updated to reflect this information.

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