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Although the whole game hasn't voted yet and the voting period hasn't closed, the majority of the playerbase has and the number left would not affect the outcome. Because of this, we're making the announcement early.

Scenario 1 has won the vote! This means that the game will remain open with an age cap of 30 characters under 18.

In light of this vote and how disruptive the circumstances surrounding it proved to be, March's AC will be check-in only. When we post AC, all you'll need to do is comment if you intend to stay.

There's more!

Since Sunday's announcement, we've received some great feedback and suggestions. On Saturday, March 25th we will be making a post with a number of proposals and ideas for some minor restructuring of the game. Unlike previous posts where we've made announcements about game changes that were already being put in place, nothing we'll be posting about has been implemented or set in stone.

We want to know your thoughts on everything we're proposing and we want to answer any questions you might have. It will be a discussion post, not an announcement post. It will also be locked to the game so that the playerbase can feel comfortable discussing things and we can make sure that we address all of your questions and concerns.

In order to alleviate any concern that our proposals and ideas are more huge changes or restrictions, we're talking about things like: changing AC so it's easier to meet and less of a hassle for everybody involved, adding a suitability section to the application for all characters regardless of age, and providing for ways for characters under 18 to interact with more of the metaplot.

We want to thank you for your patience during this uncertain time and thank you for taking a chance and staying with us. We are committed to making this game the best it can be and we look forward to hearing your thoughts on how this can be done.

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