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NEKOMARU "PUTS THE 'SHIT' IN SHITPOST" NIDAI ([personal profile] nodyinteam) wrote in [community profile] spaceports2017-03-16 06:33 pm

Life is a Beach

Hey everyone. Gore here with a proposal of a light-hearted nature! Basically, Nekomaru wants to hold a game of beach volleyball sometime before the crew leaves Bajikan. Anyone's free to sign up their characters, and to make threads more interesting - although Nekomaru will ICly discourage it - you can feel free to have your characters try to use plant effects to cheat as they see fit! Basically the log will be a chance for shenanigans and an attempt at team-building, and I'm open to any other suggestions about the plot.

-Who: Sign up your characters in comments with the form below! I'll mostly use randomiser to split people between at least two different teams, although I'll also take IC preferences (who characters want or do not want to be on a team with) into consideration.
-Where: I've been thinking of using the beach of Superbia as the setting, although I'm open to suggestions on this front as well. It could even be on one of the islands!
-When: Loosely about a week from now - around the 23rd - I'll put together the teams and put up a mingle log for i! Teams will mostly be finalized at that point, although depending on the turnout I may be able to let in last minute people.

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