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➣ The Event
At 0800 on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 14th, explosions will occur on the Millennium Falcon and the SW-0608. These explosions will completely destroy the ships. No part of either of them will be salvageable. Characters aboard the Eluvio and the other player ships will not hear the explosions, however if characters are by windows they might see them.

Approximately 15 minutes later, the power will go out across the entire fleet. This means that all ships (the Eluvio and the player ships) will lose power. The lights will go out, the life support systems will fail, the gravity generators will fail, and all automatic doors and lifts will shut down, just to name a few of the inconveniences that characters aboard the ships will fail. If characters are in rooms with automatic doors, they will be trapped there until either power can be restored or the doors can be manually forced open. It will also be dark! In many places, it will be pitch black, though places with windows will have at least some ambient light to see by.

In the beginning, the communication network will also be down! The characters' communicators may have their own internal power supply, but the network that connects them all will not work until auxiliary power is restored.

The Eluvio's crew will make getting life support and climate control restored across the entire fleet the priority. It will take them approximately one hour to do so. Once it has been, they will work on other systems.

By 1300, auxiliary power will be restored. This means that only the following systems will work: life support, climate control, the gravity generators, the water infiltration system, emergency lighting, the communication network, the food preservation system, and the waste management system. Nothing else will work.

With the navigation system offline, the fleet will be drifting through space on its momentum. Crews will not be able to steer the ships or adjust course. On SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th, the fleet will enter a star system and while passing by a planet, get pulled into synchronous orbit with it.

Further details about this planet and the plot scheduled to start March 1st will be forthcoming. For now, characters will have other concerns.

For the first five hours on February 14th, they will have no light, no gravity, no way to communicate with anyone not physically present in the room with them, and unless they're able to get the doors open, they will be trapped.

Once auxiliary power is restored, they will only have the basic necessities available to them. Lighting will be poor as only the emergency lights will be working. Without full power, systems will occasionally and temporarily break down!

It may not be immediately obvious to anyone, but something else besides Fek and Trilk came aboard at Oros and its intentions aren't benevolent.

➣ Player Notes
With the basic systems on the fritz, characters may encounter issues and inconveniences over the course of the next two weeks.

This means that there might be glitches in the communication network that lead to dropped connections or attempts to reach a character connecting with the wrong recipient. Maybe the gravity will go out in various parts of the ships for a short while. Maybe the lights will go out completely for an hour or two. Maybe a couple characters will get stuck somewhere and have to work together to get free (which could be a good opportunity to build new CR)!

Feel free to play around with these effects as much as you want. They can be as dire or comical as you'd like!

Toward the end of February, we will be providing detailed information and sign ups for the next plot.

Players who were chosen to participate in specific portions of this prelude to next month's event will be hearing from us individually with further information on what their roles are to be.

We would like to remind those players who are chosen for THE SINGLE SLOT ONLY WILL NEED TO KEEP THEIR PARTICIPATION SECRET!!

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