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In preparation of our next event, we're asking for volunteers. PLEASE READ ALL INFORMATION THOROUGHLY BEFORE VOLUNTEERING! Below you will find more information as there are two different aspects to this plot. These will not happen all at once and once sign ups are closed, we will be contacting players/teams via this post. Before we get into this, there are some points to note about this particular plot.
  • Due to the nature of this event, all comments will be screened to preserve the mystery and surprise.

  • By volunteering, you are acknowledging that are aware that this event will affect your character and will be dark. For those signing up or considering signing up: there are elements of this plot that contain material that may be triggering to some people. We're aware that triggery content is a sensitive issue and that you might have questions about what this particular content is before you volunteer. Without giving everything away, we will say that these are topics that can be found contained within the umbrella of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (this includes the TV and Netflix shows).


  • Signups will close at 8:00PM EST on Saturday, February 11th.

  • We will not be taking questions about the nature of the event. If you have questions about the mechanics detailed in this post, you're welcome to ask them. But we will not be giving information about the event itself.

THERE ARE LIMITED SLOTS! Everyone who volunteers will not be chosen. We are not revealing the number of slots in order to preserve the nature of the mystery.

Please note that secrecy is key! By signing up for the event, you are acknowledging that you understand that revealing the nature of your participation prior to the event is not permitted. Revealing your participation or the nature of it prior to the event conclusion will preclude you from participating in future events of this nature.

As listed above, if you are sensitive to certain topics or find yourself triggered by content in an RP setting, you may not want to volunteer for this.

To those that do sign up, know that this will have an effect over your character. If you're not comfortable having unavoidable consequences happen to your character, you may not want to volunteer.

Once we select the participants, we will be contacting each one individually with details below!

Characters volunteering for this part will have to do so in teams! We will not be randomly assigning teammates. Characters will have to ICly have a reason to be together in the same location for this event! As such, this is not an ideal opportunity to have characters bump into each other for the first time! There will be 4 teams randomly chosen to participate, which is a total of 8 characters. This means that if more than 4 teams sign up, we will be RNGing for the 4 slots.

As mentioned above, it's possible that some of the content in this event will be triggering, so if you're sensitive to certain topics, please carefully consider signing up.

Once chosen, each team will be given a scenario that will contain all information they will need for their part in the event. It will be the team members' responsibility to share it with the game at large. This can be done via network or log post or team members can choose to handwave it and post it to the OOC community for all to see. Regardless of the method, we do expect this information to be shared with the game as a whole, not kept to a team's castmates or close CR.

It will be up to players to choose how to share this information with the game. If the information is not shared, be aware that not doing so will have consequences down the line.

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