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Hello players! We wanted to address a couple things now that applications have officially closed. Since the game is still new, this state of the game will be small and hopefully won't take up much of your time. We hope you'll give it a read!

➣ Applications
After discussing the topic at large among the mods, moving forward we have decided to initiate a cast cap of 10 characters per series. We were not expecting any to outweigh others and we are not doing this to curb the fun anyone might find in our game. But, we feel that in order to keep a fair balance of variety between characters in game that this is the best route to take. Should the game grow larger we may do away with the cap, but until such a time it will be left in place. These changes will be reflected on the FAQ as well as the app page itself.

➣ Game Housekeeping
If you haven't already done so, please reply to the TAKEN LIST! We are giving the solid date of Monday, January 9th to have this completed. Anyone not on that list by that date will be removed from the game and barred from apping for one application round!

If your character has a ship that is now part of the fleet, be sure you have filled out the PLAYER LOCATION form to be added to the page! Also if there have been any updates as to whom has switched to one of these ships, let us know in a comment on that page! Keep in mind that only the ships large enough to carry a crew will be listed. 1-2 person crafts that fit inside a hangar bay do not need to be here! In the next coming days we will be giving that particular page a little retooling and facelift to make it easier to navigate in the future.

➣ Calendar
Now that applications are formally closed, we will be steering ourselves back onto the course we initially set out.
  • RESERVES will be the 1st-4th of the month.
  • APPLICATIONS will be on the 4th-7th of the month unless they are closed due to an event. Should they be closed, we will always have it posted on the app page itself and will be sure to mention it in the app opening plurk!
  • ACTIVITY CHECKS will be on the 1st-5th! We will be posting a plurk when it goes up and that is all. We will not be posting reminders, please keep that in mind!
  • CR/FRIENDING MEMES will be posted on the 9th of the month. This is two days after normal application cycles close which will hopefully provide enough time for new players to get into the communities and settled. However, due to the current one we have being as old as it is, we are posting the new one tonight now that apps are closed!
  • TEST DRIVE MEMES will be posted on the 28th of the month. As stated in the most recent one, we may not often change the prompts. Our major focus is keeping game information updated and flowing between the mod team and players and we feel this is the easiest solution to keep our sights on more important areas and aspects of the game.

➣ Miscellany
We would like to continue to encourage players to help build the world alongside the mods as the game progresses. Don't be afraid to be creative and think outside the box to bring new elements into the game world. Please don't ever be afraid to bring something new or hesitate to bring any game changing effects to us!

And, most importantly, we would like to thank those of you who have apped during the craziness of the holidays and took a chance on this game. We hope you all are enjoying yourselves so far and look forward to how your characters will handle the upcoming plot!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at any time!

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