Dec. 16th, 2016

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The holiday party log is now LIVE! You're welcome to start posting whenever you'd like, but please remember this is not ICly happening until December 24th. Feel free to get creative with the information provided! There will be two aspects of the party that will require sign ups, so read below to find out more information! If you have any questions after reading the entire post, please ask them below. Otherwise, you're welcome to use this post for plotting amongst yourselves!

❆ Plot
The first sign-up is a piece of plot-relevant information! This information will be overheard by one character, who can then ICly disseminate it as appropriate, whether that's at the party itself or in posts and logs after the fact.

We'll be picking the character who'll overhear the information through RNG. You have until 8:00PM EST on Saturday, December 17th to sign up. After sign ups close, we'll be PMing the player of the character chosen with the scenario and the information.

Because this information is only going to initially be available to one character, we ask that you only sign up if you're going to have the time to ICly spread it around to other characters in the game. Once characters start to hear about the information, they're welcome to talk about it to others too.

❆ Ice Maze
The second sign-up is for the ice maze! Characters will be required to enter in groups of two. Before they enter, a helpful member of the party staff will supply them with visors. These are to be worn at all times within the maze. Taking them off prior to crossing the threshold of the exit will terminate the experience.

When signing up, please list the names of the characters who will be entering the maze together. We will respond to your comment with the various things your characters will experience within the maze. Note that we will provide loose ideas and you are free to expand upon them any way you wish! You can then thread out the experience however you'd like!

Each scenario will be different!